We have your Valentine's Day covered!

We have your Valentine's Day covered!

Valentine’s day is a major ‘holiday’ every year! And we have everything you need for the best Valentine’s day ever! For gifts we have amazing Valentine’s day gifts to choose from. You can choose between a Breakfast Gift Box, to spoil your partner with a delicious pancake breakfast in bed! A Sweet Treat Box, great for date night idea number 2! Or a Cake Box, for the sweet tooth in every relationship! Each box contains a Betty Crocker mix, two Canderel chocolates, and two Carmex lip balms for soft kisses!

Now all you need to do is plan an unforgettable date! And we have that covered as well! Just check out our list of 10 great date night ideas.

  1. Make dinner together – throw on some romantic music, open a bottle of wine and start cooking your favourite dinner together. It is a great way to connect, and you get to have a romantic candle lit dinner with your partner!
  2. Hold a baking competition – for those with a competitive nature, a baking competition can be fun! We would recommend our Betty Crocker Chocolate Chunk Fudge Brownies. With a range of toppings and icing you can invent categories for best looking, most colourful, and tastiest brownies!
  3. Go for a hike – If you and your partner are both lucky and have the day off, you could always go for a hike. There is nothing better that fresh air, nature and being next to your lover!
  4. Go for a picnic – A picnic is a great way to spark some romance, pack all your favourite snacks and drinks and head to your favourite park or beach for a romantic picnic!
  5. Board game night – Once more, for those with a competitive nature, a board game night could be a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship. Make up fun wagers, the loser of the night could always do the laundry the next week!
  6. Trivia night at your local bar – Many bars and pub’s hosts quiz nights and trivia nights. Spending the night at your favourite local haunt guessing the answers sounds like a night to remember! The same goes for karaoke nights!
  7. Spa night – Nothing beats a good selfcare day! Armed with a few at home face masks, mani-pedi supplies, and massage oil will ensure your Valentine's Day ends with you feeling pampered and loved!
  8. Craft night – You and your love can spend the night making cute crafts! Look for craft projects at your local DIY store and start decorating your house with your handmade crafts!
  9. Arcade games – Spend the night enjoying all the old-school games you loved at the arcade! And with all your winnings you could even buy your partner a cute gift at the arcade!
  10. Mix and match! – For the ultimate date, ask your partner what they would like. You could never go wrong when focusing on your partner’s likes and dislikes. Mix components of dates you would like with things your partner would like!

Now armed with a boatload of date ideas and gifts, you can go ahead and plan an epic Valentine's Day!

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