Welcome to Ruby Emporium!

Welcome to Ruby Emporium!

You may have noticed that the Betty Crocker Online has been offline for some time. This is because Ruby Emporium has taken over the Betty Crocker online shop, and we are excited to offer you your beloved products and so much more!

We now also stock products from well-known and well-loved brands like Canderel, Equal, Carmex and Ambi Pur! At Ruby Emporium we will always strive to bring you the best products at the best price! We are driven by our company values of quality, excellent customer service, innovation, and passion!

Come have a look at our shop and sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive amazing specials, recipes and so much more! So, sign up and don’t miss out on all the fun!

As a sneak preview, you can learn more about our products right here.


Betty Crocker: Everyone can be a master when it comes to baking, just ask Betty for her tried and tested, easy to make recipes. With our Betty Crocker products you will be the star at any event or family get-together!


Canderel: Canderel is the go-to sugar replacement. With our range of Canderel products you can find the perfect sugar replacement for you and your family. A simple switch to any of our Canderel products is all you need to start living a healthy, calorie conscious life!


Equal: Equal is the classic zero calorie sweetener that is perfect for all your drinks, hot or cold. With Equal you can cut back on the calories while enjoying an amazing, sweet taste!


Carmex: Carmex has protected lips for years, now it can protect yours as well! Shop our range of original and cherry flavoured Carmex products from the comfort of your own home and ensure that your lips are as smooth and irresistible as possible.


Ambi Pur: When it comes to cleaning, trust Ambi Pur to keep your bathroom clean and smelling fresh. With our products your bathroom will be the cleanest and freshest on the block!

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